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Counseling Services

A counseling relationship is perhaps the most unique human relationship. Based on trust, this relationship is centered on the client, whom the counselor guides toward a more centered and hopeful feeling about themselves and their ability to act in healthy ways in the world around them.


As your counselor, we will help you clearly identify your goals and take definitive steps to achieve them. We will encourage, guide, structure, teach, and hold you accountable with kindness and compassion.


The most basic goal of counseling is to be heard in a safe, confidential environment, in order to see oneself more clearly and to navigate life’s crossroads with greater ease and newfound clarity. 

Our counseling services offer recovery time and practices.  

In the context of levels of depression steadily increasing and the average age for the onset of depression decreasing, we offer a structured process for reflection and professional guidance as you build recovery practices and greater resiliency to life's challenges. 


Each of us has natural character strengths that can be harnessed for positive change and lifestyle improvement. We will engage with your life challenges together to find your strengths and build on them.


We will work to create more resiliency in your life, which is defined as stronger psychological immunity to life’s challenges and setbacks.


How do we learn to accept the negative emotions that often grab hold of all of us?  By building our capacity to hold all emotions, but also by adding to our immunity through health-promoting behaviors and emotional experiences.

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