Appointments are available in person, via phone or via video teleconference.  

In-person appointments can be in my Colorado Springs office (or if needed in special circumstances, in a setting of your choice). 

I offer a form of somatic psychotherapy that can include movement as well, including on a hiking or exercise trail.  We are fortunate to have many opportunitie for walk and talk appointments.  







Parking is located in front.




I work on a sliding fee scale of $60-120 hour. I ask that you consider paying .001% of your annual gross income for each session with a minimum of $60/session.  An example is if you make $60,000 gross annual income, you would pay $60/session. If you make less than $60,000 gross annual income, please consult with me.

Coaching Packages


If you are interested in a coaching relationship, contact me to see about session packages.


If you are interested in a Small Support Group, please see our Special Events, Classes and Groups page under Services. Contact me to register or get on a waitlist.  Any small group topic can be delivered to an individual client or a couplet or group of your design.



You will receive an answer within 24 hours



Our Mission



The Mission of Heart Mind Soul Services is

-To work with change and resiliency seekers

-To help create more resilience, positivity, and well  being in their lives

-To heal past wounds in order to build a brighter future

-To improve individuals’ health and relationships and by  extension their communities

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Contact us for office, phone or video appointments 

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