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Writing your Life Story Small Group

Are you interested in writing your life story?


Designed as a therapeutic process, writing is our most powerful art form because it is such a universal skill.  This group will involve writing a life chapter each month and sharing that writing with group-mates on assigned days.  Groups meet for two hours each week, and participants work to understand their life more clearly.  Memories once long-forgotten can penetrate one’s life and ask for reflection.  Whether you are seeking a life review or simple written reflection and social sharing around this process, these groups work to channel individual creativity and therapeutic process for greater self-understanding.  Groups will consist of 4 members.


If interested in joining a group, please contact us through this website, by phone or email.  Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Group 1             

Adults ages 25-40                 

Friday evenings 6-8 pm


Group 2              

Adults ages 40+                  

Saturday afternoons 1-3 pm


What about our bodies?  Body Image and Body Positivity


Are you tired of feeling negative about your body?  Do you yearn to stop the internal battle with negative self-talk?  Are you literally exhausted by your negative body image and yearn for a change?  Let’s work together to shift our self-perceptions and discuss Body Positivity in detail.  We’ll focus our attention on changing our behaviors and thoughts, towards a greater Ideal Self.


Life Transitions/Changing Identities Group Coaching


These small groups will focus on finding one’s individual character strengths and values and using those to create a foundation for your Ideal Self and the life that you imagine.


Building Positive Relationships Small Support Group


Have you ever wondered in the back of your mind if possibly your troubled relationships have something to do with your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and that these are often too negative?  Have you ever wanted to learn new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving in relationship to the people around you?  This small group will explore the basis of good, healthy relationships. 


Please contact us for more information.

Our Mission



The Mission of Heart Mind Soul Services is

-To work with change and resiliency seekers

-To help create more resilience, positivity, and well  being in their lives

-To heal past wounds in order to build a brighter future

-To improve individuals’ health and relationships and by  extension their communities

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