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Our Specialties include


Expert attention to Gender and Sexuality as developmental patterns that provoke stress and change, including Sex Therapy for individuals, couples, and other relationship formations.

EMDR (Eye Movement De-Sensitization and Reprocessing) to treat trauma, stress, and overwhelm. Details below!

Women's  and Men's Developmental Concerns 


As a former assistant professor of Gender and Sexuality, I developed an expertise in women’s and men's developmental and health issues.  Based on my career in the university and combined with my study and practice in counseling, I am able to offer my expertise in gender, sexuality, and women’s and men’s issues to the counseling and coaching relationship.

Some topics of gender and sexuality that WOMEN may seek guidance on include:

     Work/Life Balance and Self-Care

     Body image and gender and sexuality (including alternative, queer bisexual, or lesbian identity concerns)

     Reproductive issues

     Developing competencies

     Healthy social support systems

     Giving voice (including Eating disorders and Self-injury)

     Developing independence and career psychology for women (Defining success)

     Life transitions (marriage, divorce, aging and development issues, changing of identities or primary responsibilities)

     Intimate relationships, including violence against women and women as victims and survivors

     Ethnicity and racism

Some topics of gender and sexuality that MEN may seek guidance on include:

     The Social Construction of Masculinity and Manhood and how this disserves the humanity of those living in male bodies

           (Definitions of “man” in culture)


     Growing Up

            In the Home

            In School

            Through games, play, and sports


     Becoming Husbands, Sons, and Fathers and mastering these roles

Developing competencies

     Healthy social support systems, including communication around intimacy

     Giving voice (including Eating disorders and Self-injury)


     Work/Life Balance and Self-care


     Sex, Love, Intimacy, and Power


     Particular challenges for Men of Color


     Race/ethnicity, culture, language, nationality-status


     War, its Identities, Casualties, and Other Traumas

Also, now offering EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR is one of my treatment methods, if clients choose, and results in relatively quick and profound changes.


EMDR is the leading evidence-based treatment for trauma, stress, and overwhelm.  When beginning talk therapy, we can evaluate your life for past, present, and future emotional "overwhelm" and use EMDR to quickly and effectively lower the distress or emotional overwhelm that you feel on specific topics. This de-sensitization reduces triggers, and therefore symptoms, in relatively short periods of time.  If you've been putting off the pain of the past, not coping well with your current life stressors, or are interested in using EMDR to improve your future performance, consider a free consultation.

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